Jessica Yoon

Pastry Chef Kriss Harvey's signature dessert at The Bazaar by José Andrés in L.A.—The Chocolate Cake of Your Dreams—lives up to its lofty name.

Jessica Yoon

This year, six of the country's best haute dog makers brought their a-game to kick off Eat@ICC.

Emily Jacobs

Kari Underly comes from a large family of butchers.

Jessica Yoon

For many culinary school students and young chefs, it seems that being a chef is the only career option in food. But life beyond the line does exists!

Caroline Hatchett

The cooking and culture at Semilla are propelled by the restaurant’s constraints—namely its postage stamp prep space and pint-sized budget.

Lisa Elbert

“For those of you who are here for an informative session, I'm sorry.

Emily Jacobs and Sean Kenniff

Emcee Sherry Yard kicked off the Valrhona C3 Pastry Competition with a sweet start, handing out samples of this year's C3 theme—Valrhona Illanka 63 percent Peruvian chocolate.

Jessica Yoon

“I'm going to put the Rebel Within to rest.” Yes. You heard right. At this year's ICC, Pastry Chef William Werner finally revealed the techniques behind his signature pastry.

Lisa Elbert

“Ninety-one percent of the seafood we get in the United States is imported.

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