Sommelier Ashley Santoro of The Standard - Biography

New York, NY

September 2015

Curating the wine list for some of New York City’s finest and iconic eateries is no small chore. It takes a special, intuitive understanding to really stand out. Enter Sommelier Ashley Santoro, who had a humble introduction to the industry, bussing tables at the age of 15. Now, Santoro, the former wine director of Casa Mono and Bar Jamón is the wine director at The Standard East Village, The Standard Café, and Narcissa. 

Initially dreaming of law school, santoro switched paths after working a banquet position at a hotel and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in food and beverage management from Johnson & Wales University. It was after college when Santoro fell in love with wine. A case of post-graduate confusion led her to Italy and ultimately Umbria, where she lived and worked (but mostly ate and drank). Deep in the in the heart of Italy and Italian wine tradition, Santoro couldn’t resist the call of the grape. After her Italian juice awakening, Santoro settled back in the United States to pursue a career in wine. In addition to her work at The Standard, she also devotes time to traveling and teaching wine courses. Santoro has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times and Wine & Spirits Magazine