Rising Star Chef Brandon Pettit of Delancey - Biography

Seattle, WA

November 2015

Not all chefs are inspired by their parents’ cooking. Brandon Pettit's parents weren’t stellar in the kitchen, so he took over early on.

However, Pettit didn’t begin his culinary career right away. He attended Oberlin Conservatory and Brooklyn College, and with degrees in music, taught for five years. Living in Brooklyn, Pettit was introduced to great New York pizza.

Pettit’s education in music landed him in Seattle, where, when he wasn’t studying, he worked at Boat Street under influential Chefs Renee Erickson and Susan Kaplan. He loved the eclectic, community-oriented culinary culture of Seattle, but he realized it was missing something essential: pizza.

Enter Delancey, a neighborhood restaurant with a chef at the helm, who not only invites the community in, but also shares his recipes with them. Even in a community as reciprocally caring as Seattle, Pettit’s style stands out: he mentors fellow chefs, helps them open restaurants, and teaches balance and community wherever he can.

But Pettit isn’t just helping others expand: always interested in distilling, he and his wife opened a craft cocktail bar called Essex in 2013, and  he makes his own Fernet and gentian to fuel the bar program. Doing everything in-house and hands-on may seem characteristically Seattle, but Pettit is helping the city and his fellow chefs curate a truly involved, farm-supported (and supportive) culture. Next, Pettit will spread the pizza-love with Dino's Tomato Pie, opening in early 2016.