Rising Star Brewer Dave Coleman of 3 Stars Brewing Company - Biography

Washington, D.C.

December 2014

Dave Coleman was the general manager at The Big Hunt in Washington, D.C. when his friend Mike McGarvey started brewing beer at home. During his time at The Big Hunt, Coleman worked for years to elevate the level and quality of beer offered to customers.

Not satisfied with the brews he did find, Coleman decided to join McGarvey in his home brewing projects. The two began devoting countless hours to research and recipe development to create beers that met their own high standards but that also would have broad appeal. They quickly realized their passion extended beyond home brewing, and in 2009 they began making plans for 3 Stars Brewing Company. But before the brewery ever became a brick-and-mortar, they began launching their beers by collaborating with more established breweries like Evolution Craft Brewing Company and Oliver Ales, which helped them to gain exposure and affect local palates.

Today, Coleman and  McGarvey are brewers on a mission: to make the District of Columbia a world-class craft beer destination. Together, the duo has released over 40 different styles of beer during the 27 months they’ve been in the market and have been known for their commitment to creativity and detail-oriented experimentation.