Brewer Elieen Rinaldi of Ritual Coffee Roasters - Biography

San Francisco, CA

June 2013

Elieen Rinaldi fell in love with coffee after tasting a deliciously sweet espresso shot at a San Francisco coffee conference more than a decade ago. After working in Seattle coffee houses and further developing her love for great coffee, Rinaldi moved to San Francisco and opened Ritual Coffee Roasters in 2005. Today Rinaldi purchases 92 percent of her beans directly from farmers, looking for three distinct qualities of flavor- clean, sweet, and bright-as well as complexity, depth of flavor, and nuance in finish. With expansion into four coffee bars (including a Napa store) and a roasting facility, and operations including wholesale accounts, restaurant relationships, and exporting as far as Canada and China, her continued focus on personal relationship with the farmers is something Rinaldi is very proud of.