Rising Star Sommelier Jackson Rohrbaugh of Canlis - Biography

Seattle, WA

November 2015

Though he was born and raised in the verdant Pacific Northwest, Jackson Rohrbaugh didn’t really fall in love with food until he spent a year abroad in Italy.

Rohrbaugh was a student at the University of Washington, studying creative writing, when he began his career at Canlis. He dived in, serving as the resident jack of all trades—working as a barista, bartender, lead server, and eventually sommelier. It was here that Rohrbaugh found his niche. By 2012, he’d passed his Advanced Exam in the Court of Master Sommeliers—with the highest score of the year.

Rohrbaugh’s high score earned him the prestigious Rudd Scholarship and Johnston Medal. It also got him attention within the industry, as did his participation in the National Finals of the Young Sommelier Competition. After leaving Canlis for a short time to he help Master Sommelier Chris Tanghe open Aragona, he returned to Canlis as Assistant Wine Director. And he’s now on the chase for the highly coveted Master Sommelier pin.