Beverage Director Kevin Mabry of Merrill & Co. - Biography

Boston, MA

March 2015

A Connecticut native, Kevin Mabry grew up in his parents’ sports bar, learning as much about hospitality in that laid back community as he would later learn about mixology. Prior to moving to Boston, he was a member of the opening team at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain at the Mohegan Sun and was part of the re-launch team at Seasons in the Ocean House Hotel in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

Mabry originally moved to Boston in 2011 to open JM Curley as opening Bar Manager. And while he may not be a native, he’s mixing for the city like he was raised there. In 2014, the city thanked him, when he won Boston Magazine’s “Best Bartender” title. A veteran (and winner) of many cocktail competitions, Mabry moved on from JM to open Merrill & Co. in 2014, where he now works as acting Beverage Director. Down to earth and focused on engaging his customer first, Mabry applies his seasoned skill set to a basic philosophy that “anything worth doing is worth doing right.”