Chef Kim Floresca of One Restaurant - Biography

Chapel Hill, NC

December 2013

With an early passion for the culinary arts, Kim Floresca has garnered over 26 years of restaurant experience. Together with partner Daniel Ryan, Kim trained for 10 years in some of the world’s most celebrated restaurants, including Per Se in New York, The French Laundry in Napa Valley, and El Bulli in Spain. After recently serving as the executive sous chef at the three Michelin-Star rated “The Restaurant at Meadowood” in Napa Valley, she moved to North Carolina for her first solo venture. Kim appreciates the region for its agricultural abundance and animal husbandry, and adopts this Carolinian frame of mind through the seasonal, ingredient-focused cuisine offered at One Restaurant. The menu encapsulates Kim’s culinary travels and Southern influences, while also highlighting the role of wine in complementing the ever-changing dishes.