Sommelier Mark Bell of Vong - Biography

New York , NY

November 2011

Mark Bell left the west coast of Canada in 1989 with a Bachelor's degree in Music and a thirst for adventure. He landed in Toronto at restaurant Centro, where he tasted his first great wines. In 1993 he moved to New York City, working first at Remi Restaurant, where he augmented his Italian wine knowledge with Chris Canon. He then went downtown to Gotham Bar and Grill and worked for the following three years on the floor as a Captain while studying wine under Master Sommelier Scott Carney.

Mark started at Vong in 1997 as Captain and soon became Assistant Sommelier under Robert Amato. In July of 1999 he took over the wine list as full-time Sommelier. He recently graduated from the Sommelier Course given by the Sommelier Society of America and plans on continuing his formal education in wine.

Mark's principal wine interests include Burgundy's Cote d' Or and small production houses everywhere.