Mixologist Maxwell Britten of Maison Premiere - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

August 2014

Maxwell Britten may be a mainstay of the New York City mixology scene, but he grew up far from it, in the comparatively drier climes of Tucson, Arizona. Essential for Britten, however, was growing up under the guidance of his father, a passionate epicurean and food and beverage professional. Being around food and spirits daily taught Britten to appreciate the innate complexity of the simple things.

Moving to New York City in 2005, Britten began his career as a busboy at Jack the Horse Tavern in Brooklyn Heights. Resident bar talent Damon Dyer (Flatiron Lounge) took Britten under his wing, and by the end of 2007, the young barkeep stepped into the spotlight as head bartender. Britten arrived in New York at a pivotal time for mixology, as it evolved from a mere compliment to an industry of its own. And Britten made a go of it. In between his long hours at Jack the Horse, he was twice selected as Cocktail Apprentice at New Orleans’s Tales of the Cocktail. And in the fall 2008, Britten started mixology consulting firm Jigger, Beaker, and Flask with his brother.

Britten continued evolving his style at Freeman’s, earning a 2009 StarChefs.com Rising Stars Award, before finally opening his own place, Maison Premiere, where Brooklyn, New Orleans, and Paris spiritually come together—along with 30 varieties of oysters, cocktails, and the largest collection of absinthe in New York City.