Rising Star Brewer Mike McGarvey of 3 Stars Brewing Company - Biography

Washington, D.C.

December 2014

Mike McGarvey got his start home-brewing, when his then fiancé, now wife, gifted him a home-brewing kit. McGarvey a regular at The Big Hunt, would take his brews to Dave Coleman to get his feedback and input. Eventually, the two started brewing together and spent five years experimenting out of McGarvey’s backyard before agreeing to go into business together.

But, before the brewery ever became a brick-and-mortar, they began launching their beers by collaborating with more established breweries like Evolution Craft Brewing Company and Oliver Ales, which helped them to gain exposure and affect local palates.

In 2012, 3 Stars Brewing Company officially opened, with re-purposing dairy equipment in the brewhouse. In 2014, they celebrated 2-plus years of consistent growth, and.while the two still work closely together, they now spend their days with McGarvey churning out their handcrafted ales, and Coleman developing the brewery experience, sales, and branding. As leaders in the Capital's craft beer scene, they’ve extended their holistic approach to philanthropy, developing 3 Stars's spent grain program, which provides farmers and charities with spent grain for making baked goods.

The duo has released over 40 different styles of beer during the 27 months they’ve been in the market and have been known for their commitment to creativity and detail-oriented experimentation.