Rising Star Chef Ned Elliott of Foreign & Domestic - Biography

Austin, TX

February 2012

Ned Elliott’s ability to fuse elegance and sophistication with deep, soil-stained culinary roots comes from a few major influences in his pedigree: his mothers, Sandra and Linda, and some high-profile culinary training. The first—and deepest—roots in Elliott’s culinary pedigree came courtesy of the women who raised Elliott, along with their love of gardening, cooking, and baking. For the young Elliott, food was an integral part of daily life—not just in the typical thrice-a-day consumption, but as a means of exploring nature and bonding with other people.

Not that household cooking was amateur by any means. Sandra, the resident cook, taught Elliott about the importance of fresh ingredients, while Linda, the baker, taught Elliott the extraordinary value of patience—essentially fostering an early sophistication that many cooks, even in adulthood, struggle to achieve.

Elliott took this early wisdom to the Culinary Institute of America in 1999, where he not only bridged the technical gaps in his early training, but met his future wife, Jodi. Eager to further his career beyond the schoolyard, Elliott left the CIA and began staging at various restaurants in New York City, eventually landing a job at popular Tabla. His résumé got more and more impressive, with jobs at the Essex House under Alain Ducasse, the opening team of Picholine, and Country, under mentor-chef Doug Psaltis. Now firmly rooted in Austin (and with a 2012 Austin-San Antonio Rising Stars Award under his belt), Elliott combines the precision and diligence of his training with the soul-deep influence of his formative years, serving up the exquisite results daily at Foreign & Domestic.