Brewer Phil Leinhart of Ommegang Brewery - Biography

Cooperstown, NY

November 2012

Brewmaster Phil Leinhart has roughly a quarter-century’s experience brewing beer, but a far longer amount of time drinking it. He recalls his first beer at the age of five (it was a Schaefer), and the germination of that memory has fueled his career ever since. While the New Jersey native wasn’t much of a home brewer, he took a two-week brewing course while in college. And after graduation, while attending the Siebels Institute of Technology in Munich, Germany, he decided to attend Anheuser-Busch’s beermaking institute as well—and his career track was set. Leinhart has since worked for Manhattan Brewing, Harpoon Brewery, and Paulaner Brauerij. While working for Anheuser-Busch, he joined Ommegang in 2007, helping to install new brewing equipment and expand operations. A year later, he took over as brewmaster, and has since helped craft several of their notable brews, including the Ommegang Rouge and the Rustica.