Artisan René Pernet of Fromagerie du Haut-Jorat - Biography

Peney-le-Jorat, Switzerland

September 2015

Cheese is a family story for René Pernet, Master Cheesemaker at La Fromagerie du Haut-Jorat in Vaud, Switzerland. The devotion to his artisan craft was passed down from his great grandfather, who had an alpage (mountain pasture) dairy, and from his farther, also a cheesemaker in Vaud. It is with this legacy and extensive training that Pernet has received such industry accolades as a silver medal at the 2010 International Cheese Awards, a gold medal at the 2012 World Cheese Awards in England, and a silver medal at the 2012 World Champion Cheese Contest in Wisconsin. Pernet and his team are one of the main Le Gruyère AOP providers to Emmi Roth USA, including wheels that have been sent for additional affinage in Switzerland’s all-natural aging facilities in the Fromco, Moudon, and Emmi Kaltbach Caves. Pernet attributes his success to audacity, hard work, and a little luck. But notes that nothing would be possible without his dedicated team and superior milk providers who motivate him to face the challenges of each day with a positive spirit.