Mixologist Seth Sempere of Spur Gastropub - Biography

Seattle, WA

September 2015

Seth Sempere had a classical introduction to the industry: pizza delivery. Expanding his repertoire to bartending gave Sempere a glimpse into his future, especially when Fireworks—the Italian restaurant in Vermont that gave him his start—added a lounge.

Sempere was a literature major with a penchant for travel. He and his girlfriend left Vermont for a road trip, and by the time they reached Seattle in 2011, it was the pour, not the pen, that pulled him in. He applied his scholarly habits to mixing with more tenacity than ever, researching cocktail history and learning to draw connections between drinks and cuisine.

At Suite 410, Sempere was part of a team that built the bar’s reputation as a cocktail den. He then began working for McCracken Tough restaurants, bartending at Coterie Room, and by 2013 managing the bar at SPUR and showcasing his seemingly eff ortless ability to pair cocktails with the fun, refi ned gastropub menu. Sempere’s style is ingredient-driven, enabling him to use cocktails to not only mimic, but also to infl uence a dish.

Sempere spread his talents in the tight-knit Seattle bartender community, mixing at rum bar Rumba and winning the 2014 Bombay Sapphire Most Imaginative Bartender competition. He also serves as vice president of the Washington State Bartenders’ Guild.

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