Rising Star Mixologist Susie Hoyt of The Silver Dollar - Biography

Louisville, KY

January 2014

Like many mixos, Susie Hoyt started working without the bar in mind—as a career, that is. Slinging drinks along the lines of Long Island Iced Teas, Hoyt didn’t yet have craft in her cocktail sights. It was only when she moved to Chicago that Hoyt finally recognized that she might just be walking down a career path.

Hoyt was working for an insurance company, and bartending part time. But that was enough for her to feel the pull. She soon ditched the actuaries to build a bona fide career, studying under authorities like Toby Maloney and Bridget Albert and crafting drinks at  Rocket, Mercadito, Double A, Big Star, and The Violet Hour.

Hoyt eventually landed Louisville, Kentucky, where she helms the beverage programs at two of the city’s most influential cocktail spots. The Silver Dollar is where Southern food, classic cocktails, and bourbon reign. And recently opened El Camino is a colorful and unlikely hybrid that joins Mexican food with every bartender’s favorite labor-intensive platform, the tiki bar. A force to be reckoned with, Hoyt was a Tales of the Cocktail Apprentice in 2011, competed in Speed Rack 2013, and helped El Camino earn a spot as one of Thrillist’s 33 Best New Bars in the America. She was also named a 2014 Kentucky-Tennessee StarChefs.com Rising Stars Mixologist.