Pastry Chef Will Goldfarb of Room4Dessert - Biography

Ubud, Bali

August 2014

Will Goldfarb has been called the “Prince of Pastry” and the “Golden Boy.” He’s worked with Ferran, Tetsuya, Liebrandt, and Morimoto. Goldfarb teamed with Chefs Kasper Kurdahl, Ruben Garcia, and Davide Scabin to form AKWA, an organization calling for a global movement to actively shape the future of cuisine.

Goldfarb’s brand of experiential cuisine blends cutting edge gastronomy with traditional techniques and flavors, all while retaining a sense of humor. He’s known for dramatic, artistic presentations and iconic, metaphysical imagery. He opened his avant-garde Room4Dessert in New York City to much hullabaloo and critical acclaim back in 2006. In 2007, due to a falling out with his business partners, Room4Dessert closed, and all eyes were on Goldfarb in anticipation of his next move.

Eventually he took his experimentation beyond the kitchen with WillPowder, a line of specialty powders that facilitate the manipulation and intensification of textures and flavors. And together with New York University’s Chemistry and Food Studies Department, he founded The Experimental Cuisine Collective, an interdisciplinary network at the nexus of food, science, and social media. After working on a few other projects, Goldfarb decided to leave the brouhaha behind and move to Bali, Indonesia, with his wife and young daughter. 

He thrived in this island paradise. Goldfarb directs the research and development team and pastry programs at Mejekawi and KU DE TA in Seminyak, leading a team of 16 to complement Chef Ben Cross' contemporary classic menu. In summer 2014, Goldfarb opened a second incarnation of Room4Dessert in Ubud, making Bali the definitive international destination for dessert in the world.