Enrique Olvera Presentation

Enrique Olvera Presentation
Traditional Mexican Techniques with Chef Enrique Olvera
September 2008

Traditional Mexican Techniques in a Fine Dining Context
Mexican food is characterized by an incredible range of flavors and techniques, and this grand diversity is nowhere more apparent than in the streets of Mexico City. From esquites - a corn and epazote broth - to multiple styles of tacos and deep-fried foods, one can experience the cultural diversity of Mexico in a couple of bites. At Pujol, Enrique Olvera has garnered acclaim for his talent for re-imagining these culinary treasures, among others, and placing them in a fine dining atmosphere.
Olvera's presentation puts Mexican street food and traditional Mexican techniques into context, and shows the ways in which he has transfered rustic cuisine to white tablecloth dining.