Je Ne Sais Quoi: Feminine Finesse in Mixology with Audrey Saunders, Christy Pope, Naomi Shimek, and Katie Stipe

Aug 2011

There’s a stereotype of cocktail culture that’s conceptually dominated by men. It’s full of dark wood, leather interiors, muttonchops, and form-fitting vests. But the reality is far more co-ed than not, and, in fact, it’s women who are behind some of the gutsier cocktail creations we enjoy today! Join NYC Mixologists Audrey Saunders of Pegu Club, Katie Stipe of Last Call Consulting, and Christy Pope of Cuffs and Buttons, plus L.A. Mixologist Naomi Schimek of The Spare Room, as they provide their professional perspectives on a woman’s sense of taste and smell, and how heavily their female intuition has influenced the industry. Sample cocktails from four industry leaders (no facial hair required) in this discussion on the feminine side of mixology.

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