Three Steps to Solving Wine Autocorrect


Jeff Harding
Damn you autocorrect!
Damn you autocorrect!

At my joint, my wine team and I are constantly sending text instructions and emails about wines served at private events, or what’s low or changing or 86ed on the wine list. But Apple, using the English dictionary, doesn’t know most French or Italian wine terms so Veuve becomes verve and Barbaresco becomes Barbara.

I figured out a way around this, and if this sounds complicated, its NOT. I only use an iPhone, so not sure how this works on other models, but it seems to me that it should.

1) Email a word document of your wine list to yourself. This is the hardest part, you have to select and copy the whole thing, dragging the little bars all the way down the document. You could break this up into sections.

2) Open your address book, create a new contact, paste the ENTIRE wine list in “company name,” and save.

3) Give it a minute to process.

From now on, any time you write “chateaun,” the autocorrect option of Chateauneuf-du-Pape will pop up as an autocorrect option.

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