Barcelona Degusta is cooking up a new edition to make gastronomy accessible to consumers

The 5th edition of the show will take place 24–27 September 2015

Barcelona Degusta is cooking up a new edition to make gastronomy accessible to consumers
The great gastronomy and food festival returns to Barcelona, to the delight of all fans of eating well. Barcelona Degusta's 5th edition, 24–27 September, will return with new content and a clear goal: to make the world of gastronomy accessible to all those with an interest in high quality food. The event will coincide with the festival of La Mercè, guaranteeing even greater success.

By holding the show during the festival of the city's patron saint, Barcelona Degusta will help promote Barcelona as an international culinary capital. The event will take place at Fira de Barcelona's Montjuïc venue. Markets, wine bars, workshops, classes, demonstrations, tastings, cheese shops, urban gardens and countless activities will attract a wide variety of consumer profiles, with one common element: a passion for gastronomy.

The show is targeting a more diverse and varied audience than ever, made up of families, merchants, producers, gastronomes, gourmets and other food lovers. This great gastronomy festival for the public is updating its content and incorporating new areas and activities in order to offer a more extensive, cross-cutting culinary tour.

Barcelona Degusta retains its educational, entertainment and cultural aspects. ‘The show's mission is to convey food and culinary culture in all its complexity, in an accessible and informative way,' explains show director Susana Gibert. ‘Our goal is to promote consumption of high quality products – whether they are produced on an industrial scale, artisanally or using traditional methods – as well as highlighting the important role of the retail trade in our cities as specialised points of sale,' Gibert underscores.

For exhibitors – ranging from small food and drink producers and artisans to large manufacturers – the show is the people's venue par excellence. It is a place where they can test out new products and learn about consumer opinions and preferences firsthand.

For visitors, it is an opportunity to discover new products, sample them and ultimately make purchases, in a setting which also offers information sessions, lectures, tastings and other educational and entertainment activities. This is a must-attend event where the focus on learning does not mean sacrificing fun.

A single trade show with 11 areas

The upcoming edition of Barcelona Degusta will feature new areas. This reorganised exhibition space will allow the show to offer new and appealing content, keeping up with the latest consumer trends. Market will be a large exhibition area where producers can present, promote and offer samples of their creations and specialty food products, enabling them to sell directly to the consumer.

An extensive variety of wines, cheeses and beers will be available in the Vinoteca, Fromagerie and Solo Cervezas areas. Lovers of sweets will find their paradise in Choco Sweet, where creative chocolate, baked goods and desserts will play a starring role.

The new ‘gastro' concept sweeping Europe will also be rolling into Barcelona Degusta: vans, trailers and other vintage vehicles will occupy the Street Food area, offering visitors the latest trends in high quality street food. The Kiosco will feature magazines, publications, books and online editions on food, cooking and gastronomy. And for those who want to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, the Bazar will present accessories, housewares, utensils, cookware and small appliances.

Visitors to Barcelona Degusta place special value on products from areas which have been awarded Designations of Origin or Protected Geographical Indications, as well as typical products from different regions in general. And so Paisajes will bring together producers, organisations, groups and institutions linked to a specific geographic area, allowing them to present the wealth of food and drink products from their regions and promote wine and culinary tourism. Fresh, local and ‘km 0' products will be found in the Nuestro Huerto area. Rincón Solidario will be devoted to presenting activities involving NGOs and other not-for-profit organisations associated with food.

Workshops, classes, films, concerts, and more

Barcelona Degusta will feature a version of Alimentaria's highly successful culinary space, Alimentaria Experience, offering its visitors Degustra Experience. This area will include numerous activities for all ages, especially younger visitors. Plans are underway for workshops, tastings, classes and show cooking events with highly respected chefs, and lectures on a wide variety of culinary topics. There will also be various outdoor activities taking place in the Plaça de l'Univers, on the trade show venue grounds. Highlights include concerts, films and fashion shows, among other things.

For the show's organisers, Alimentaria Exhibitions, ‘the event is part of Barcelona's inheritance and is held for and on behalf of the city. From Barcelona to the world, from the most popular local recipes to the healthiest and most varied products from around the globe,' Gibert concludes.

Barcelona, genuary 2015

Barcelona Degusta will be a culinary showcase for all audiences

Participants include small producers and artisans, as well as major industry brands

The show will include workshops, tastings, lectures, and outdoor concerts and films