Celebrate Oktoberfest by Serving Patrons Authentic German Pretzel Bread from Euro-Bake

Since 2010, pretzel bread has grown 94 percent on restaurant menus across the country.1 Leverage this growing trend with Euro-Bake® pretzel breads — just in time for Oktoberfest. Imported directly from Germany and crafted using the traditional lye process, these expertly crafted breads come in many forms, including pretzel sticks, rolls, buns and croissants. This year, Euro-Bake has added a softer, less-dense burger bun and a Kaiser roll to its pretzel bread line. Fully-baked for minimal preparation, simply thaw and serve or warm in the oven for a classic pretzel experience to remember. For more information, visit www.EuroBakeUSA.com or call 1-630-963-4781.

1- Chefs Experiment with Artisan Breads, NRN, 2014


Bethany Bell