Introducing Ñusta, one of the treasures of Peru

Happy New Year! Macchu Pisco had a great year, and the forward momentum continues in 2015.

We'll be introducing Ñusta, one of the treasures of Peru. Our reserve "mosto verde" pisco will see an exclusive release of only 100 ceramic bottles. We will also be expanding our portfolio into Peruvian beers and wines. Master blender Melanie Asher will also employ her expertise to create bespoke pisco blends for her top tier clients.

We're glad to have you along with us on this journey!
New Year's Resolutions

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to be more fashionable? My Daily, a UK style website has Pisco as #1 of 5 Foods You Should Be Eating In 2015. They say that pisco will be the spirit "to be seen to be drinking" in 2015. We couldn't agree more.

Maybe you've resolved to be more adventurous. The latest article from Intrepid Travel suggests the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. Check that one off your bucket list!
Peru Celebrates Chilcano Week

The nation of Peru loves to celebrate its native cocktails, and we have another one this month. It's high summer in Peru. Beachgoers are heading south, and the second week of January is National Chilcano Week.

A Chilcano is made with Macchu Pisco, ginger ale, lime juice and simple syrup. It's a cool, fizzy complement to the pisco sour and the pisco punch.

This year Lima will see the first Chilcanofest, starting a day early on January 8th, which will highlight the Chilcano and Peruvian cuisine. Bars and restaurants around the world who want to participate can apply here. Introduce your neighbors to the Chilcano. Salud!
Jose Andres Brings More Peruvian Cuisine To DC

Peruvian cuisine continues its march across the American palate. This month, famed restaurant owner Jose Andres opens a major new restaurant in Washington DC. China Chilcano, a fusion of Chinese and Peruvian food will offer diners an opportunity to learn more about Pisco.

As in other Jose Andres restaurants, Macchu Pisco and La Diablada will be featured. Enjoy our brands in Chicanos, Pisco sours and innovative fruit infusions.

The restaurant is located at 4418 7th St. NW and opens June 5th for dinner. Call 202-783-0941 for reservation.

A Bear And His Martini
The movie Paddington will be released in American theaters on Friday, January 16th. Based on the beloved Paddington Bear books, it's about a bear from the Peruvian jungle who travels to live in London. The film promises some spectacular views of Peru.

In a unique tie-in, Difford's Guide has come up with the Paddington Bear Martini, a cocktail incorporating various aspects of the stories.

3/4 shot Macchu Pisco
1.75 shots London dry gin
1/2 shot Martini Blanco vermouth
2 spoons English orange marmalade (Paddington Bear's favorite).

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass.

We're off to a good start for 2015. We hope you have a good year. Make a New Year's resolution to try new things, including new cocktails with Macchu Pisco and La Diablada.


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