NEW YORK BEST WINGS FESTIVAL TO DRAW FLOCKS OF FANATICS, FOODIES AND FIRST TIMERS FOR A FINGER LICKIN' GOOD TIME Two Musician & Best Buddies Turn Their Love of Chicken Wings into a Booming Business Leading Them to Plan One of the Nation’s Lar

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Two Musician & Best Buddies Turn Their Love of Chicken Wings into a Booming Business Leading Them to Plan One of the Nation’s Largest Festivals

Matt Kourie and Rob Wittman are not only best friends but also share the love for a spectacular chicken wing. This alliance has turned the two pals into full blown bona fide "Wing Hunters" who are turning their vast wealth of knowledge for one of America’s favorite finger foods and appetizers into a major Festival that will feature everything chicken wing and a whole lot more.

With an expected crowd of 5,000, the inaugural New York Best Wings Festival will take place on Sunday, June 7, 2015 from 11:00am – 7:00pm at the NYCB Theater at Westbury in Westbury, NY.

The New York Best Wings Festivals, geared for the entire family to enjoy, will feature some of the premier restaurants in the New York Metropolitan Area whose wings have gained acclaim. In addition to wing-eating and other food-oriented competitions, including the College Wing Olympics, there will be amusements, face-painting, craft brewery tastings, and more, which lead up to the main event, which is the championship bout, where the most notable "Wing Men of NY" will serve as seasoned judges. That includes Kourie and Wittman along with Matt Reynolds, who is director and star of The Great Chicken Wing Hunt; Ryan Hohman, known as the Ultimate Wingman, and Bring the Wing's Brian Dempsey.

The road to the New York Best Wings Festival has been an interesting journey for the Oceanside, NY residents. Kourie and Wittman began their quest a few years back to find the best chicken wings on Long Island, which soon led to the desire to share their knowledge with other wing fanatics. Matt and Rob put their minds, and their money, on the line to create The site has evolved into a wildly popular slick looking platform dedicated to the chicken wing that gives the kind of reviews and information that these two poultry parts pioneers have accumulated, and tasted over the last few years. As their contacts with restaurants and fellow wing fanatics expanded, the creation of the Festival was the next logical step.

Kourie feels his travels as a Wing Hunter have given him the tools to present the definitive ode to the chicken wing. Kourie commented, “First you need to have the passion to find the best wings on the planet. Next you have to realize this is not a solo journey. You need the support of the food community to steer you towards their favorite wing spots so a hunter can form his own judgment. Most importantly you have to have the adventurous spirt and palette to experience crazy flavors and cooking preparation. If you have what it takes it will lead to incredible discoveries and an amazing hobby you can share with your friends and family. We are bringing the best wings we have tasted to the Festival so every guest can consider themselves their own honorary Wing Hunters when they leave.”

Advance tickets and custom packages to The New York Best Wings Festival at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury, 960 Brush Hollow Road, Westbury, NY can be purchased HERE. For more information visit or



The Best Wings origin story is beautiful in its simplicity. Kourie and Wittman were on a singular quest and mission and that was to find the very best wings and to tell the world about those discoveries.

The two launched their wing review website, publishing critiques along with links to local wing eateries and more. They did all of the heavy lifting and, well, heavy eating! For their site, Kourie and Wittman, who got their start as teens working at chicken shacks like Pudgie's Famous Chicken and Chicken Delight, respectively, sought out the best wing joints on Long Island after band practice and shows. Then extended the search into Brooklyn, Queens and New York City.

They played hard and ate similarly. "Rob and I have been bandmates and musicians for a long time," Kourie said. "After rehearsals, it was our ritual to go for wings. We were wing lovers and wing nuts, like most people in America."

Wittman furthered, "Wings are fun to eat and there is so much you can do with them in different flavors. They are addictive and crave-worthy. We knew we wanted to find the greatest wings and that it was our journey to find the best wings in New York."

That palpable passion for wings spilled over into the festival realm, since it was only a matter of time. The pair started small, with their popular seasonal bash, Wings and Beer Fest, which also featured craft breweries, and worked their way up to their forthcoming event the New York Best Wings Festival.



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