Revolutionary restaurant software Kitchen CUT awarded

June 19, 2015


Restaurant management system Kitchen CUT has been awarded an EU grant to help cut wastage in kitchens.

Funded by the European Development Fund, the Grants for Eco Innovation programme is intended to aid companies promoting sustainability and environmental projects.

Luke Faulkner, Project Manager for the programme said: “Kitchen CUT was awarded the grant because it showed that using a tool like this to monitor waste can help to reduce the impact on the environment as well as improving the bottom line.

“It was also the first software developer who approached us for a grant targeting waste from the hospitality sector and its aims were fully aligned with those of the Programme for awarding funds.”

Kitchen CUT developed by Michelin star Chef turned Consultant John Wood can reduce kitchen wastage by an incredible 50%, saving restaurants thousands of pounds.

The on-line software has its own “Wastage Tracker” which works by allowing kitchen teams to log the date, type of food discarded, the reason why, and the system then calculates the impact on the business. This is automatically collated into a report to be easily read and shared – and acted upon.

By regularly tracking and recording this data, kitchen teams can identify trends, whether it’s overcooked or out of date items for example, as well as the associated monetary values, giving them the tools and analytics to take action to reduce and improve their waste efficiency and benefit their bottom line. Over time, as more daily wastage reports are logged, users will be able to see a graphical representation of their wastage to show their performance and hopefully the improvements that their actions are making.

John, former Executive Chef at Cliveden in Berkshire, and at the Burj-al-Arab in Dubai, said: “When you look at the facts, it is shocking. The UK is wasting 15 million tonnes of food every year – and a staggering 3.9 million tonnes of that comes from the hospitality and food production business.

“It is often through simple, but silly mistakes, like not consistently checking fridges and stores, portion control, or not ordering the freshest of produce. Unfortunately it happens a lot of the time in a busy kitchen.”

Reviewing the portion sizes of the dishes you serve can also be a good indicator. “I ask many chefs not only when did they last eat in their own restaurant, but also when did you last eat three courses in one sitting,” added John. “Many chefs have never done this, but by fully understanding what your guests experience, you can make sensible decisions about your dishes and how suitable the portion sizes are.”

John has been awarded four AA Rosettes as well as a Michelin Star. He has also worked at The Savoy and The Dorchester and in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

During his 35 years of experience he has witnessed simple but avoidable mistakes like kitchen staff putting fresher produce at the front of the fridge, so that current stock is not used and then thrown away; or milk and other perishable items mistakenly being left out of refrigeration overnight and then discarded.

Kitchen CUT also helps chefs control food costs, cut time spent on administration, track ingredients and highlight allergens, as well as drastically reduce waste. It is a Cloud based platform that can be used on any device.

As well as slashing what is thrown away, Kitchen CUT has many other features and can help to cut breakages by 50 per cent, improve efficiencies in routine tasks and paperwork by 50 per cent, improve food costs by up to five per cent and beverage costs by three per cent.

You can download a free Guide to Wastage from the website with some top tips on how to manage food waste in your kitchen by visiting the Kitchen CUT website here:

Visit for a free 30 day trial to see how it can help improve your business.


Notes to Editors:
John Wood is available for interview and has written a first person piece that is available for publication.

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Paul Crosbie 07970940935
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For more information please visit
Paul Crosbie 07970940935
0207 930 7007