World renowned chocolate chefs DOMINIQUE AND CINDY DUBY release new line of chocolate art!

Award-winning chocolatiers and pastry chefs Dominique and Cindy Duby are excited to preview their Wild Sweets® 2015 Chocolate Art Holiday Collection. The collection will offer several new creations to celebrate the holiday season, including a cocoArt Sculpture Program and Limited Edition cocoArt Collection. More holiday-themed chocolate gifts as well as a special Christmas Log Sleigh crème brûlée cake (with flavour options) will also be released in November.

Only a few leading chocolate shops in the world have their own graphic design team and studio. Although highly time consuming and expensive, it offers these exclusive chocolate designer boutiques an alternative to generic, commercially available moulds and decors commonly found in shops the world over during this time of the year. Wild Sweets® chocolate designs are guaranteed one-of-a-kind. All sculptures are custom designed by our creative team, who carve the original mould masters and reproduce them in-house using various mould-making techniques for chocolate casting. The team designs their own graphic patterns and also prints them in-house for chocolate transfer.

To make all Wild Sweets® cocoArt sculptures even more unique from any other in the world, they are casted with milk and/or dark chocolate made in-house from origin cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate. The chocolate is then laced with roasted almonds and with novel dry caramel flakes made from fresh salted butter and vanilla beans. Each cocoArt sculpture includes hand-painted chocolate spheres filled with hazelnut cinnamon praline cream and crispy French crêpe cookie flakes. The cocoArt sculptures are elegantly presented on a gold foil board, packaged in a clear box and tied with cloth ribbons. The 2015 cocoArt Holiday Program features three New Classic sculptures set on a "Curves-and-Elevations" base fitted with multi-dimensional core structures, silkscreened patterns and colourful hand painted spheres representing three classic holiday themes: Sleigh - Christmas Tree - Snowman

The 2015 Limited Edition cocoArt Collection features an assortment of hand-painted chocolates with various texture fillings including soft ganache, crunchy pralines, silky creams, bright fruit gelées, all enclosed in our exclusive Vintage Single Origin cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate. The collection is packaged in a two-piece gift box with the lid portion fitted with a hand-glued custom designed Wild Sweets® FoodArt Limited Edition print.

About Wild Sweets®:
Dominique and Cindy Duby are world-acclaimed chocolate-makers, designer chocolatiers, celebrated authors, foodArt architects, photographers and owners of Wild Sweets®. Their list of international kudos and awards is extensive including receiving the 2015 Best Chocolatiers and Confectioners in America Award by the International Chocolate Salon in San Francisco. In addition, they continue to work regularly with food scientists to research, develop, and implement techniques for their chocolate-making process.

Their artisan virtual chocolate boutique, Wild Sweets®, is an haute chocolate couture concept that specializes in the painstaking multi-step process of making their own vintage chocolate in-house from premium cocoa beans. The Wild Sweets® virtual boutique provides customers with the convenience of online shopping while, as an extension to the virtual boutique, The Atelier Micro-Store in Richmond, British Columbia offers customers the opportunity to purchase a selection of products directly from the store or pickup products that have been ordered online that cannot be shipped.

Dominique and Cindy Duby are long-time medal-winning pasty chefs who have competed for over 10 years in worldwide culinary art competitions including winning Gold at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg and World Culinary Olympics in Germany. The Duby’s are the only husband-and-wife pastry chefs that have represented Canada twice as part of Pastry Team Canada at the world’s biggest team competition: The World Pastry Cup in Lyon, France.

For the last 10 years, Dominique and Cindy Duby have worked closely with the University of British Columbia to create the next cutting-edge sweet food innovation. Pioneers in the Molecular Gastronomy movement, the Duby’s were the first sweet chefs to introduce the concept in Canada in the early 2000s. Science continues to be a big part of their approach to food design, which they now call Culinary Constructivism and they continue to lead the way as Canada’s only science-based chocolate-makers. They have written five cookbooks, two of which have won Gold at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. They are currently working on their sixth cookbook.

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