Blue Corn Croquette, Yogurt, Cilantro, and Marigold Seeds

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February 2015
Yield: 1 Serving


Blue Corn Flour
10 pounds blue corn kernels, rinsed thoroughly
Liquid nitrogen
Corn Fritter
1 kilogram water, warm
2 grams garlic, grated with a rasp-style grater
17 grams salt
Aleppo Yogurt
1 kilogram Greek yogurt
100 grams olive oil
16 grams aleppo pepper
15 grams salt
1 clove garlic, grated with a rasp-style grater
To Assemble and Serve
Oil for frying
micro cilantro
Parmesan shavings
Marigold gems


Blue Corn Flour

Into a large container containing the rinsed blue corn kernels, pour liquid nitrogen, completely freezing the corn. When there are no more bubbles coming from the liquid nitrogen, the kernels are frozen. In a Vita-Prep, grind corn in batches to a powdered consistency. Store in the freezer.

Corn Fritter

In a Vita-Prep, blend water, 350 grams Blue Corn Flour, garlic, and salt 2 minutes so the starch is completely extracted. Pass through a chinois, making sure to press down on the solids, and pour into a medium saucepot over very low heat. Whisk mixture continually until thickened. With a rubber spatula, stir mixture until thick enough that it forms walls that do not cave back in when passed through with the spatula. Transfer to a quarter sheet tray lined with acetate, and spread to fit evenly. Let set overnight.

Aleppo Yogurt

In a bowl, mix all ingredients until smooth. Transfer to a piping bag and refrigerate.

To Assemble and Serve

Heat deep fryer to 370°F. Using an ice cream scoop, scoop 4 portions Corn Fritter batter into fryer basket and fry until golden brown and crispy. On the center of a serving plate, pipe four small dollops of Aleppo Yogurt, arrange Corn Fritters, and pipe more Yogurt on top. Garnish with micro cilantro, parmesan, and marigold gems.