Elida Gesha Coffee

Adapted by StarChefs.com
May 2013
Yield: 1 cup


20 grams Elida Gesha coffee beans
300 grams water, directly off boil, plus additional for rinsing
V60 coffee filter


Place filter in a single-serve pour over and rinse with hot water.

Set Baratza grinder between 18 and 22. Adjust to taste.

Grind coffee.

Discard rinse water.

Add ground coffee to filter.

Add 30 grams water to coffee bed, evenly saturating the bed, so there are no dry spots. Wait 30 seconds.

Carefully pour in remaining 270 grams water, using slow concentric circles spiraling from the middle of the brewer out toward the edge and back to the center.

Repeat until target weight is achieved. It should take about 3 minutes for the water to fully dissipate through the coffee bed.

Note: If water drains too slowly, make the grind coarser. If the water drains to quickly, make the grind finer.