Brewer Jeff Young - Biography

February 2012

Jeff Young worked as a chemist before joining the Austin Black Star Co-op team as lead brewer. After taking five years to start up, the co-op is now 2,800 members strong, and Young has helped infuse the Austin brewpub scene with a balanced portfolio of American ales.

Experimentation is constant for Young, and while sales still play a part in deciding which beers make the cut, the purpose of Black Star is to serve beers its members want to drink. He has dabbled with fruit beers and beers using dry English yeast, and has even visited Scotland to learn about making scotch ale. But at the end of the day for Young, the beer brewed in Austin is among the best. The reason is the water, which is the most underrated, elusive ingredient in any great brew.

Young graduated from the American Brewer’s Guild Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering program, and believes the craft of brewing requires a combination of science, art and engineering skills. Although he has no immediate plans to expand, Young would like to see another Black Star co-op spring up in Austin in five years, but this time without investors—just co-op members.